Therapeutic Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy helps a person to become deeply relaxed and focused to turn within and resolve the hidden issues that may be the root of any challenges one is facing. In fact, Cognitive Therapy when combined with hypnosis is much more effective than simply cognitive therapy alone.

A trained certified hypnotherapist uses many diagnostic tools to help clients realize their hidden issues and therefore take gradual steps towards healing themselves. In some cases once a person becomes aware of one’s issues and understands the cause or the reasons behind one’s challenges, healing may occur within one or two sessions. However, the readiness of the client for the change really determines the length of the therapy.

Our senses work differently. Our interpretation of how we see, hear, smell and taste by our mind creates different feelings in our body. Therefore our experience of life is different. Our subconscious mind is programmed to protect us and direct us to behave a certain way depending on the messages we received during our childhood from our environment and the data that is stored within it.

The information that is stored in our subconscious mind may not be the “truth” about who we are! Much of what we have learned during our childhood and how we interpreted the information received is the reason for our shortcomings and fears we have created for ourselves. Again, it is important to understand that our subconscious mind is there to protect our body.

Hypnosis creates a direct access to your subconscious mind, allowing you to reprogram the unwanted data to reach your desired goals.

In your first visit we will discuss what your desired goals are and what you would like to achieve. We will discuss how the mind works and the programming of the subconscious mind. We will test your suggestibility to understand how you receive information. I will guide you to a hypnotic state using inductions, deepening techniques, guided imagery and post hypnotic suggestions for your successful journey.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy

  • Stress management
  • Relieve anxiety
  • Relaxation
  • Motivation
  • Career success
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Make decisions
  • Enhance your sports performance
  • Relationship enhancement
  • Eat healthy and lose weight
  • Smoking cessation
  • Break bad habits—nail biting, procrastination, disorganization, etc.
  • Conquer phobias and fears such public speaking, flying, height, deep water, dental work, etc.
  • Sleep better
  • Pain management
  • Complement cancer treatment
  • Break through emotional blocks
  • Break through creative blocks
  • Enhance study habits
  • Enhance your creativity
  • Improve sales
  • Public speaking
  • Overcome test-taking anxiety
  • Achieve personal and professional goals
  • Process grief and loss
  • Gain insight
  • Sexual performance
  • Reduce medication side effects
  • Surgery recovery
  • Much More

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