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Confidence is described as having full trust, belief in the powers, trustworthiness or reliability of a person or thing. Self -confidence is defined as having confidence in oneself and in one’s powers and abilities. Lack of self-confidence is from lack of self-trust or lack of faith in oneself. One must develop a certain faith within self to live a life of abundance. The higher one’s wishes for achievement, the stronger his or her faith must be. The degree of our success is directly proportional to the degree of our self-confidence. The question is why can’t we trust ourselves? Why is it hard for us to have faith?

We are not born with total self-confidence. We develop our self -confidence from an early age during our childhood. Our subconscious mind is programmed with the data we observe and receive from our parents, teachers, relatives, friends and our environment. The way our parents communicate and interact with us as children at a young age can influence and shape our confidence level. Thus, self-confidence or lack thereof is learned. When we are overly criticized or overprotected by our parents, we learn to be dependent on others and we develop a sense of insecurity and lack of self trust. On the other hand, if we as children are communicated with in a positive manner, encouraged, praised and given the opportunity to make decisions and experiment, we develop a healthy self-confidence.

We live in a world of polarities, how successful we think we are is based on our perception of success. Our perception of success depends upon our internal view of our circumstance in relation to our environment. Our internal view of our outer world is driven by our inner thoughts and the inner conversations we have with ourselves; our inner view of ourselves determines the degree of our self confidence. Our ability to become successful depends on the level of our self-confidence.

The most essential step to develop our self-confidence is taking action. What does it mean to “take action”? In order to take action we have to be willing to face our fears. To be able to face our fears we have to change our perception of fear, and our perspective of “what we fear.” By understanding that fear is learned and we can unlearn it, we are able to face our fears and therefore take action. Hypnotherapy is one of the safest, most efficient and most effective method of eliminating our fears.

Achieving success becomes effortless when you have a “healthy subconscious mind” to develop a “healthy Self-Confidence.” Therapeutic Hypnosis creates a direct pathway of communication with your subconscious mind and therefore is an excellent tool for reprogramming the subconscious mind and elimination of any unwanted associations you may have with “lack of self-confidence.”

We are here to learn, experience, and enjoy life through our consciousness. Our creator has given us many tools so we can live life to the fullest and enjoy our journey. As human beings we are mind, body and soul; to live wholly, happy and healthy all three aspects of our being have to be in harmony.

My comprehensive and holistic approach will guide you with the following steps towards self-discovery and self-empowerment:
Decision Making – Making a decision is a key first step

We make decisions every day. Whatever you do or don’t do it’s by decision. By becoming clear within and learning the steps to make a decision, the process will become simpler and you will be able to make seemingly difficult decisions easier.

Developing a burning desire – The distance between you and your goals is “a burning desire”

After you have made a decision you must create a burning desire. A burning desire comes from the heart. It paves the road for you to take action. You must develop an “I’ll do whatever it takes” attitude.

Acknowledging your fears – FEAR is False Expectations Appearing Real.
To take the path of higher self you must be in integrity and be honest with yourself. It takes humility and great strength to acknowledge your weaknesses and to accept and then face your fears. However, once you decided to take action, the results will teach you that fear is only created by your mind for protection.

Taking Massive Action – Only action will give you results
Massive action is applying focused and passionate energy towards your purpose. Taking massive action does not mean that you must have an “all or nothing” attitude and it certainly does not mean that you have to do it all by yourself. The most efficient way of taking action is by breaking goals down to practical smaller steps.

Being kind to yourself – Self criticism can be very destructive
Staying positive throughout any endeavor is very important so understand that mistakes may occur. You have to be able to let them go to stay on track. Make it habit to praise yourself and acknowledge the progress you are making. Reward yourself by doing things you love to do that bring joy and fun into your life.

Trusting the process – Break through the doubts and hardship

You have to be at peace with not getting the desired result 100% of the time and even with making mistakes here and there. History has shown us that even the most brilliant minds have had significant setbacks before achieving their accomplishment. In most instances the experience you gain by making mistakes lead you to a more rewarding result than what you had anticipated.

Being persistent – When the going gets tough the tough get going
There are days that you may not be at the peak of your performance and your energy is not as high as you would like it to be. On such days you have to find ways to inspire yourself. Remember to take baby steps and know that every positive action contributes to your progress.

Be willing to ask for help – Share your experience with a loved one
Asking for help can simply mean having your partner involved in the process, and be understanding with the changes you are going through. Don’t try to do it all by yourself. Do not try to come up with all of the solutions. Be willing to listen. Know that when you propose a question out loud to another person the whole universe answers.

Being patient – Patience is a virtue
Patience does not mean waiting! Patience is being content at the present time. With patience you build endurance. When you are patient your mind is at ease in a relaxed state. In this state you can achieve more than being a state of constant worry and haste.

Having faith – Let go and let God.

Allow your higher self, the unseen power and the universal energy to guide you and take care of the “How.” In our society we are taught to always be in control. We associate being conscious as being in total control. By understanding that we don’t have to presume total control of our circumstances at all times and by trusting the universal wisdom, we are able to create an indomitable energy that simply makes us unstoppable in fulfilling our purpose.

Are you ready to increasing your self-confidence to reach your highest potential?

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