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Smoking is one of the most dangerous habits you could have. The number of diseases it causes and raises the risks of should be more than enough reason to want to quit. Then why don’t more people give up smoking and turn to a healthier lifestyle?

The simple answer is that smoking is a habit that is ingrained in both your physical movements and in your mind. Some people use smoking as a crutch or to provide comfort. Quitting for these people means giving up a long-standing means of relaxation and possible weight gain. With enough preparation of the subconscious before quitting smoking, the final result of being smoke-free can be achieved.

Quitting smoking has many advantages for you personally and for your friends and family. You physical health begins to improve within hours of you last cigarette. To ensure that those benefits last and multiply, you need to maintain your smoke-free lifestyle. This is a matter of convincing yourself that you no longer need to smoke.

Many people are leery of using hypnotherapy for stopping smoking. They believe that they can do it through shear willpower or with the aid of nicotine patches. Hypnotherapy helps smokers to deal with the subconscious issues that are controlling their actions and causing them to smoke.

If you opt for hypnotherapy to quit smoking, there are some basic facts about hypnotherapy that you should know. First, you will not turn over control of your mind to anyone. You remain completely in control during the sessions, and you are aware during the entire time. The state of being under hypnosis is as natural as sleeping, but you never lose consciousness. In fact, your thoughts and ability to visualize things may be clearer while under hypnosis.

Because quitting smoking has so many health benefits, you may be able to have your health insurance pay for hypnotherapy to give up cigarettes. Check with your insurance provider to see if hypnotherapy to stop smoking is covered. While some policies do not cover it, there are some that do.

Breathe easier, reduce your reliance on cigarettes and save money by never having to buy multiple packs of cigarettes by quitting smoking. My smoking cessation program uses hypnosis to address the subconscious fears while also facing the other areas of your life smoking affects – body, mind and emotions. Only through such a multi-faceted approach can you break free from the dangerous habit of smoking.

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